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21/09/2018 / WE - Our home!
"WE" is our home! ...
11/10/2016 / Alpika @ WE
What do we do at WEskg Action Sports & Culture venue?Since Spring '15, we change ...
02/10/2015 / Co-operation with Maislinger Snoli Gmbh
Notice 02/10/2015 Alpika SA is now the exclusive distributor in Greece for Maislinger Snoli Gmbh (, Austria, ...
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ALPIKA SA is active in the fields of action sports, recreation and culture aiming to promote innovative services, products and equipment.
Since 2011, ALPIKA SA is the exclusive distributor in Greece for "Maxxtracks", a Dutch company with broad expertise in producing and using snow-sports simulators.
ALPIKA SA organizes sports', recreational, cultural and educational events, inviting people to get in contact with the new, the unknown, the innovative with safety, with ease of access and with maximum efficiency.

In January 2015, ALPIKA SA started the creation of the "WE" Action Sports & Culture Venue ( & in Thessaloniki, which is now, since May 2015, a unique spot for bringing together active and creative people and in a nutshell, fully integrates the fields of action of the company.

ALPIKA SA "resides" in Thessaloniki, "lives" and "breaths" in pure white slopes, "where the waves drop" and in places forgotten, new and old!

Evolves with you!

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